Lambscroft Presents the Fourth Annual Parklife Event.


ROCKETOWN 522 5th Ave South, Nashville, TN 37203

Doors open at 3pm, Sunday October 12th 2014

Bands include:
Audio Adrenaline - 9:35PM
Paul Colman - 8:50PM
Rapture Ruckus - 8:05PM
Kevin Max - 7:20PM
The Alternators - 6:35PM
Derek Webb - 5:55PM
The Ham Family Band - 5:25PM
Jonathon Waterman - 5PM
The George Twins - 4:30PM
John Armstrong Band - 4PM

Other works at event.
Thistle Farms | Safe Haven | Project 615 | End Slavery TN | Morning After Ministries

What donations will be going to.

1. Building for Cookery Expansion/Restaurant type facility.
2. 15 Passenger Van
3. Church Partnership to Staff and Fund Several new Discipleship House's
4. BookKeeper/Accountant
5. Scholarships for Homeless men to go through Discipleship House 4k per person/per year
6. Volunteers to serve at: theCookery, Weds/Sat Homeless Feeds Transportation for Food Runs
7. Worship Teams to Volunteer to lead worship for the Homeless on 1st and 3rd Sat
8. Sound System (speakers and amps, monitors and amps, sound board)


Lambscroft presents the Fourth Annual Parklife Event.

( 501c3 non-profit The aim of PARKLIFE is to enjoy community, bring awareness and raise money to finance for The Cookery; a culinary arts training and catering center. Providing training and restorative life skills with opportunities of employment for the homeless and poor of Nashville.

The Cookery Details: 1827 12th Avenue South. Nashville, Tennessee. 37203. 615-269-2911.

Brett Swayn, founder of Lambscroft, talks about the Parklife and the cookery. NASHVILLE, TN

Lambscroft, Inc.—the Nashville non-profit founded by a former homeless man who became a top chef at a five-star Nashville restaurant— will present “PARKLIFE, a community concert to help the homeless of Nashville”

The Mission of Lambscroft is: “To bring the poor, spiritually bankrupt, and/or financially destitute into a safe environment, providing immediate shelter, while entering earnestly into learning skills necessary for the restoration of their entire being.” Lambscroft has joined with several church leaders and professional members of Nashvilleʼs community to prepare a work center of culinary training. While the men and women enroll in the free program, the goal is not just focused on teaching cooking. The intent at Lambscroft is also to minister to their spiritual, physical and psychological needs. These classes do not just focus on commercial training cooking techniques that will help position them viably in the workforce, but the curriculum will also teach on spiritual living, basic economics, counseling, and health care. All are needed life skills to help repair and restore a soul eager for a new life.

Lambscroft ministry during the last several years, and ongoing, has continued to actively provide nourishing meals and shelter to Nashvilleʼs homeless men and women in locations around the city. Lambscroft has initiated C.I.T.Y. (Church In The Yard), a feeding program at Holy Trinity Sundays, the Upper Room, a meal and stay over at Woodbine Cumberland Presbyterian, Wednesday and Saturdays, and several community food drops to help with the feeding of countless others. Lambscroft Culinary Arts Training Facility will offer a caring, nurturing place to learn cooking arts, and trade skills that will empower homeless people. Lambscroft already offers professional catering and a delivery service, which includes a quality staff, partially of homeless people. Construction for the school is in the final critical stages. We need your help to open. All generous community funds raised at the concert will go to the completion of this project that promises so many a hope and future.

More info at 615 424 0878